Barbell or dumbbell squats are a great strength training exercise, very useful for gaining muscle. I share some tips to do squats and achieve incredible legs.

Whatever your goal, squats should be one of your exercises of choice to add to any routine!

And as we have already analyzed in HOW ARE SQUATS WITH BARS MADE? and DO THE dumbbell squats? Today I will give you more details about the reasons why doing this exercise will help you a lot in your leg routines.

And mainly I share some tips you could take to do it effectively.


Leg width when flexing has always been a matter of controversy.

Many people are against doing full flexion, claiming that it is dangerous for the knee joint.

However, the weightlifting champions at the highest level flex so deep they almost touch the ground with their buttocks.

And many knee problems do not have, right? Obviously they train to squat that way.

Therefore, it seems logical to affirm that the correct execution of this exercise requires a good physical preparation and a well-mastered technique.

So, if you are able, do the exercise with full amplitude, and request in a better way all the thigh muscles, but always with the correct technique.

Now if you have weak knees, avoid full flexion; especially with heavy loads, even if you perform the exercise at a normal amplitude do not use an excessive load.



Remember that your legs are very strong, and even if they are slightly bent it is possible to support a lot of weight.

Unfortunately, this puts a lot of pressure on the intervertebral discs and the knees, so the exercise becomes dangerous if it is not performed with the correct technique and weight for our abilities.



The correct execution of this exercise also depends, to a large extent, on the flexibility of the ankles, knees and hips.

Therefore you must make sure that your joints and muscles do not lack flexibility. In this sense, do not hesitate to train the exercise without load to improve the position.

Finally, keep in mind that the weight of the body must be evenly distributed on the feet. If you raise the heel due to a lack of elasticity, the effort will be greater on the knees and the lower part of the quadriceps.

This is interesting only if doing sustanon 250 francais so is your goal either to focus development or for lack of elasticity.



In the sumo squat, the greater the amplitude, the more the gluteus maximus intervenes.

In the mid-squat, where the thigh does not drop below the horizontal, a higher level of effort should be made with the hamstrings, the hip extensors and knee joints (quadriceps).

Now, in a complete flexion, the extensor muscles of the hip (mainly the gluteus maximus) are in a very favorable position.

At the beginning of the extension, the hip joint brings the pelvis forward over the feet. At this time, knee extension becomes more efficient.

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